Course Description

Wait, there is more!? SO much more! This course focuses on the Trilingual world and also discusses issues of race and cultural differences within the scope of multiple languages! We bring you an expert to share his knowledge from the perspective of a Trilingual interpreter and a Spanish instructor. 

There is great discussion and shared perspectives to broaden your understanding of the processes that take place. Including a fun scenario to see what it looks like in action.

(0.3 CEUs)

Course curriculum

    1. Trilingual Intro

    2. Trilingual Interview pt1

    3. Trilingual Interview pt1 Quiz

    4. Trilingual Interview pt2

    5. Trilingual Interview pt2 Quiz

    6. Trilingual Interview pt3

    7. Trilingual Interview pt3 Quiz

    8. Trilingual Scenario

    9. Trilingual Scenario Quiz

    10. Trilingual Scenario 2

    11. Trilingual Scenario Quiz 2

    12. Trilingual Outro

    13. Course Survey

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