Course Description

This course is heavily focused on the life of JJ Jones who grew up using Total Communication and his challenges trying to participate in the hearing world and the deaf world. The content covers diversity among his peers and how he worked through communication barriers. During the course, JJ describes how and when he learned sign language later in life and how he had to adapt to living and working in two different worlds and the challenges that came with his journey. Total Communication is demonstrated as a practical example to compare with other modes of sign language. The course goes into detail to differentiate how to interpret for a user of Total Communication versus an ASL user. JJ and the course instructors go into how JJ is able to still communicate with other members of the deaf community while identifying how he adjusts how he uses the language depending on who he is communicating with.

(0.3 CEUs)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What is Total Communication and How Does it Look? (0.3 CEUs)

    • Introduction Total Communication

    • Interview JJ Part 1

    • Interview JJ Part 1 Quiz

    • Interview JJ Part 2

    • Interview JJ Part 2 Quiz

    • Interview JJ Part 3

    • Interview JJ Part 3 Quiz

    • Total Communication Vocabulary Part 1

    • Vocabulary Quiz Part 1

    • Total Communication Vocabulary Part 2

    • Vocabulary Quiz Part 2

    • Exploring the Cochlear Implant Controversy

    • Article Quiz

    • Course Review

    • Course Survey

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