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And Scene! We are excited about introducing our new course – Theater, Take One – where we learn about theater interpreting. 

We will interview and observe two interpreters that have done a variety of theater interpreting including but not limited to shadow interpreting. You will learn how to do script reading sessions and practice sessions. Let’s delve into this process so that the next time a play or musical comes up in your interpreting schedule, you can be equipped with these fun tools.

(0.3 CEUs)

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction Theater

    2. Interview pt1

    3. Interview Pt 1 Quiz

    4. Interview pt2

    5. Interview pt 2 Quiz

    6. Interview pt3

    7. Interview pt3 Quiz

    8. Scenario

    9. Scenario Quiz

    10. Theater Vocabulary

    11. Vocabulary Quiz

    12. Course Review

    13. Course Survey

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