Course description

This course will take you down to a molecular level! Dr. Sharon shares her expertise and knowledge from a different perspective than the doctor's office. The course will cover the more technical aspects of medical interpreting. Pay close attention to the vocabulary section and the signs the Dr. Sharon recommends. Have your lab coat on and get ready for a very informative course!

(0.2 CEUs)

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction Microbiology

    2. Interview Microbiology pt1

    3. Interview Quiz Microbiology pt1

    4. Interview Microbiology pt2

    5. Interview Quiz Microbiology pt 2

    6. Interview Microbiology pt3

    7. Interview Quiz Microbiology pt3

    8. Vocab Microbiology

    9. Vocab Quiz Microbiology

    10. Course Review Microbiology

    11. Course Survey

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