Course Description

We learn how she has to use different strategies to keep her and her animals safe and her keen sense of awareness of her surroundings. The farmer we interview is Michelle. She teaches us about different animals on the farm and their mannerisms. We will learn about alpacas and horses as well as a day in the life of a farmer. Michelle was involved in 4 H growing up. There are opportunities to interpret at 4 H meetings etc, and she offers tips and tricks for interpreters accepting assignments in the farming environment. We review different professions that work with the farmers including working with horses. The episode goes into detail about specific dogs used to scare away predators and how to know which animals can share a habitat. This course will also teach participants vocabulary related to farm life.

(0.2 CEUs)

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction Farm

    2. Interview Farm Life

    3. Quiz Interview

    4. Vocabulary Farm

    5. Farm Scenario

    6. Quiz Scenario

    7. Outro Farm

    8. Course Survey

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